Dr. Ahmed Kamel D.O.M.T.P, DPT

My dream to get a clear conclusion about cranial motion and CRI and mix osteopathy with physical therapy approaches in a new concept of manual therapy.

I concentrate my treatment on patient on releasing tension to give them a new hope to live their life relaxed. I focus on the treatment of headache and psychological disorders Osteopathy has given me greater ability to bring healing to the patient.
  • Senior therapist at Egyptian military hospital for rehabilitation.
  • Physical therapy department chief at Egyptian ministry of health hospitals.
  • Vice dean of Egyptian physical therapy syndicate Tanta.
  • Vice dean Ebyar specialized hospital.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy
  • October 6 University
  • July 2003
  • Diplomate in Osteopathic Theory and Practice
  • Osteopathic College of Ontario, Markham, Ontario, Canada
  • April 2017
  • DPT Degree in Orthopedic Physical therapy
  • Cairo University
  • May 2017