Tha'er Bilal AbuKhurmeh
D.O.M.T.P., P.T.

I am a physiotherapist with a dream to synthesize a unique approach by Including many types of treatments together such as Osteopathy, manual therapy, sport rehabilitation, cupping therapy, and herbal therapy in order to get an often overlooked diagnoses which has led to the successful resolution of many difficult dysfunctions.

With the blending of Osteopathy into my practice I have achieved amazing results with my patients in many tough clinical cases far beyond the average neck and back problems, neurological problems, respiratory conditions and Joint diseases.

In September 2014, I started my own osteopathic & physical therapy center in Jordan (Alnokhba Physiotherapy & Osteopathy center) after more than 12 years of experience as a physiotherapist, senior therapist, supervisor and general manager for physiotherapy centers in Jordan.


General Manager and Senior Therapist BioMedix Physiotherapy Center
July 2013 to September 2014
Amman, Jordan.

Senior Therapist BioMedix Physiotherapy Center
August 2011 to July 2013
Amman, Jordan.

Independent Physical Therapist
August 2003 to July 2010
Amman, Jordan


Diplomate in Osteopathic Theory and Practice
Osteopathic College of Ontario, Markham, Ontario, Canada
July 2015

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy
Asherton University

Paramedical Institute – Physical Therapy
Amman, Jordan


- Professor’s Assistant for 3 International OSTEOPATHIC Courses, Egypt 2016, 2017
- Main Lecturer 3 lectures (Relation Between Physiotherapy and sport Trainer ) Academy of Management Sciences, Jordan 2017 , 2018
- Cervical Problems from Osteopathic Point of view /Physical therapy Academy for teaching and Supporting, Jordan 2017


- Dry Needling International course A & B, Prime Physio, 2017
- Orthopedic Manual Therapy Certificate, Prime Physio, 2016
- International Advanced Visceral Manipulation Osteopathy Course, May 2015
- International Advanced Cranial Osteopathy Course, May 2015
- International Lymphatic Activation Osteopathy Course, February 2015
- International Ligamentous Articulation Osteopathy Course, February 2015
- International Counter Strain Osteopathy Course, November 2014
- International Muscle Energy Osteopathy Course, October 2014
- International Basic Visceral Osteopathy Course, August 2014
- International Myofascial Osteopathy Course, August 2014
- International Basic Cranial Osteopathy Course, May 2014
- TOT Certificate, British Council, 2013
- Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy Level A & B, November 2013
- Mulligan’s Concept Level C, May 2013
- Taping Concept Level A, March 2013
- Mulligan’s Concept Level A & B, February 2011
- McKenzie concept level A & B, October 2010
- Brain Edward Manual Therapy approach Level A & B, March 2010
- Respiratory Therapy, July 2006
- Acupressure Chines Medicine, March 2004
- Cupping Therapy, August 2014
- NLP Level 1 & 2, June 2006