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Primitive Reflexes and the Craniovisceral mechanisms
This course is experiential in nature. I have had a "strange" pursuit in the last few years that I have explored from an offshoot of an observation with one of my mentors once on primitive reflexes.

So I decided to do a little exploring myself, that if primitive reflexes could be induced, on occasion, while doing cranial for example, what was the significance of this?

If the PRM is actually getting in touch with the "spark of life" and echoing throughout your life; if visceral motility was in fact an "echo" of the embryologic unfolding of an organ that also persists throughout your life; then perhaps these primitive reflexes which disappear as higher cortical development occurs really don't disappear but can be re-actualized to reinforce a missed step in development or an injury to the "normal."

What I found and what is documented, is that PR (primitive reflexes) return in brain injured states; but in the seemingly quasi-normal patient, can these be "contacted" to reinforce the "now."
Experientially, I have found that, sometimes, they can.

This course will explore cranial rhythms, visceral rhythms, psychological development, and neural (via primitive reflexes) development and how these mechanisms take us into life and can be used to "repair/heal" events of our life.

We will also explore observation of another rhythm, which I will humbly call "Earth Rhythm" for lack of an explanation of what this observation actually is. It is an experience I am having that I will try to replicate with the group.

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