Master Clinician Program

The Master clinician program provides the accomplished Osteopath the opportunity to refine their skills while producing and publishing a clinical outcome based on a chosen hypothesis regarding somatic dysfunction or the Osteopathic lesion concept. The Masters student will be guided one-on-one with a mentor to complete this clinical outcome.

  • 1. Canadian applicants must be an active OCDO member.
  • 2. International applicants must be a member of an OCO recognized professional osteopathic organization.
  • 3. All applicants must have passed the OCO undergraduate examinations ($500).
  • 4. The Master’s certification student will undertake four weeks of externship with an OCO approved preceptor. The externship will consist of preparing data and conducting the approved study for potential publication.
  • • The focus of study will be approved by OCO faculty.

    • Externships and clinical study and data gathering will be done locally, Canadians in Canada, International students within their country of residence.

  • 5. 150 hours of continuing education credits from an approved provider and / or approved course.
  • • A maximum of 50 hours may be online. During the continuation of travel restrictions due to COVID 100 hours may be obtained online. Online hours must be generated through pre-approved courses.

  • 6. Research on clinical outcomes:
  • • Student will design a patient population study, approved by the OCO advisor, which will be suitable for publication.

    • Data collection may be done in collaboration with other Master Certification Program participants or solo.

  • 7. Program fee $2000 USD