Steven Sanet D.O.

Dr. Steve Sanet, D.O, is an Internationally acclaimed American Osteopathic physician, lecturer, and founder of the Osteopathic Health and Wellness Institute (OHWI) in the United States and the Osteopathic College of Ontario (OCO) in Canada.

Abdullah Osama Abdullah - PT, M.Sc.,D.O.M.T.P

Dr. Osama has blended his background of physical therapy with Osteopathy to help his patients suffering from a vast array of neurologic, orthopedic and traumatic conditions. His passion is research and providing care to the poor and those most in need.

Tha'er Bilal AbuKhurmeh - D.O.M.T.P., P.T.

Mr. AbuKhurmeh is a physiotherapist with a dream to synthesize a unique approach by including many types of treatments together such as Osteopathy, manual therapy, sport rehabilitation, cupping therapy, and herbal therapy in order to get a often overlooked diagnoses which has lead to the successful resolution of many difficult dysfunctions.

With the blending of Osteopathy into Tha’ers practice he has achieved amazing results with his patients in many tough clinical cases far beyond the average neck and back problems, neurological problems, respiratory conditions and Joint diseases.

Narkeesh Arumugam

Narkeesh Arumugam is a Professor in the Department of Physiotherapy, Punjabi University, Patiala Punjab. Currently he is also serving as the Dean Faculty of Medicine at Punjabi University Patiala.

His career has been built around basic and innovatory concepts in field of Neurology and Neuro- Rehabilitation. Prof. Dr.Narkeesh Arumugam ,one of the leading Physiotherapists in India is a superb blend of a Teacher, Clinician, Osteopath and Researcher with a substantial and extensive experience of 17 years. He has been practicing osteopathy since 2011.

He has supervised more than 60 MPT dissertations, 100 BPT projects and presently supervising 8 Ph.Ds. His forte is Spine, Adult Neurology & Osteopath. He has more than 70 scientific publications in various National and International research Journals.

Leomil P. Adriano PTRP, MSPT, DO-MTP, CAC, Grad. Dip. Man. Ther (Hons)

Leomil's background in multiple disciplines of manipulative therapy including acupuncture, taping, and Osteopathy gives him a very progressive view for the athletic patient and alternate approaches. He is a widely respected member of the University of Santo Tomas faculty in Manila Philippines and has brought Osteopathy to the Philippines as a coordinator for the Osteopathic College of Ontario.


Doctor AlMuhaya is passionate about helping people by providing them a better life based on different treatment approaches and pursues his interest in research and evidence for osteopathy.

Katherine Anderson - RMT, CMFR SI, DOMTP

Katherine has uniquely brought together a harmony of therapy stemming from her mastery of Structural Integration, Thai massage and Osteopathy. She has mentored many health care practitioners in these disciplines separately and combined that creates a natural balance for therapy.

Prof Maneesh Arora HOD Physiotherapy ,SBS (PG) Institute, Dehradun
Senior Consultant U’r Physiotherapy Clinic, Dehradun.

Developed new concepts like dry needling of kinetic chains and myokinetic releases and rapid manual scans for muscle dysfunction. More than 120 papers published in various journals or presented in various conferences.

Resource person in 45 workshops in manual therapy and Have a clinical experience of more than 20 years.

Dr. Ishan Bali DOMTP, MsC Osteopathy, BPT

Dr. Ishan Bali is a postgraduate in the fields of Physical Therapy and Osteopathy. He is an intensively trained Physical Therapist, Osteopath and Manual Therapist, providing healthcare services to individuals and communities. Having experience of close to two decades and an authenticated profile with a strong clinical and research background.

His professional skill set comprises various therapies and treatment techniques to successfully treat his patients with ailments viz-a-viz CVA rehabilitation, anxiety disorders and lumber spine disorders. He is an avid learner with an attitude to learning from every patient treated and cured.

Parneet Kaur BediPh.D

Parneet Kaur Bedi has a doctorate in spine, is a postgraduate in Physiotherapy with her elective as neurology. She is a practicing physiotherapist, osteopath, manual therapist, energy & trauma healer.

Treating a broad range of ailments competently, she amalgamates the best of therapies for effective treatment for a wide spectrum of conditions.

She practices variety of techniques in manual therapy including taping, dry needling and spinal manipulation.

Research and its translation into clinical practice drives her and makes her a melange of a keen researcher & healer.

Remo Bion Jr.

Remo Bion Jr. – Licensed and practicing Physical Therapist in the Philippines, specializing in Manual Therapy and Pain Management. He has been practicing Osteopathy after the completion of an Osteopathic course under Osteopathic College of Ontario and has been integrating Osteopathic techniques and principles to other Manual Therapy techniques to provide quality and efficient treatment for his patients.

Michael Brewsterd.o.m.t.p, r.m.t.

Michael Brewster is an Osteopath and a Registered Massage Therapist who has done significant work not only with physical conditions but also with mental conditions which gives him a unique view of the client. Mike's unique style of manipulation blends healing the often internal somatoemotional component along with the outward physical maladies.

Yves Charetted.o.m.p, r.m.t.

Yves Charette is a full-time faculty professor at Collège Boréal in Sudbury Ontario, where he teaches in the massage therapy program. Over and above his teaching responsibilities, Yves also operates an Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy practice that focuses on sports and low back injuries. Among other distinctions in the fields of Massage Therapy and Osteopathy, Yves is also McGill Method certified, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified as well precision nutrition (Pn) Level 1 certified.

Between teaching massage therapy and running a successful practice, Yves also trained and taught martial arts. During his 30+ year career in the martial arts, he served as a National Kickboxing Team Coach, head trainer for mixed martial arts Team Shredder and traveled the world coaching elite athletes at world championships. Recently retiring from the martial arts, Yves now focuses his time treating PGA Tour and LPGA tour athletes and Caddies, Varsity sports athletes as well as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitors.

Philip S.L. Choy D.O., B.Sc., D.N.M., N.D., C.P., Clin. Diet., Cert. TCM.

Choy has an extensive background of study including Osteopathy, Naturopathy and Nutrition. In addition to his appointment as faculty of the Osteopathic College of Ontario he is also an associate professor of Wah Ha College in Hong Kong. He presents with a unique set of skills to approach the most difficult of adult and pediatric cases.

Peter Frank Clain M.P.T., B.S., B.A., C.P.T., A.R.T.

Peter's many years of education, certification, publication, speaking, and hospital experience give him an expanded view clinically and didactically. His background as a gymnast has lead Peter to have a very focused technique with regard to the athletic patient and to sports injuries.

Galo Constante M.D.

As a Family Practice physician, Osteopathic manipulation techniques have been incorporated successfully on a daily basis on literally hundreds of patients. Myofascial pathology and manipulation adds a dimension of understanding that Constante weaves together with his traditional medicine training to improve the health and longevity of his patients.

Mia Irene Fuentes

Mia Irene Fuentes is a Licensed Physical Therapist. She is teaching in a University since 2014 and conducting hands on seminar for licensed physical therapist since 2016. She finished Diplomate in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory and Practice in Philippines last 2017 under Osteopathic College of Ontario.

She incorporates her knowledge in Physical Therapy, and Osteopathy in dealing sports related injuries, orthopedic, musculoskeletal and neurologic cases.

Jim Gairdner DOMP, RMT

Coming from a family populated with Olympians, world record holders, and national level athletes, Jim has been immersed in the world of athletics and extreme sports nearly from birth.

Jim honed his diagnostic skills during his years as a Field Engineer for BMW North America. Parallel to his tenure at BMW he was suffering from chronic neck pain and migraines; which went unresolved after seeking help from physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and sports medicine specialists. Eventually he was introduced to an Osteopath who successfully resolved twelve years of pain in a single treatment and Jim’s interest in Osteopathy was born. He returned to school to become an Osteopath and turn his skills from working on high powered machinery to helping people leverage their body’s innate ability to heal itself and maximize their performance.

Jim has a diploma in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory & Practice from the Osteopathic College of Ontario an is an honours graduate of the Massage Therapy program at Georgian College. He is a Registered Massage Therapist with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and a Certified Bioflex Laser Clinician. Jim is currently a board member of the Ontario Council of Drugless Osteopathy.

Victor Geronimo D.O.M.T.P, Dipl Ac, L.M.T.

My journey began as an artist exploring the worlds of music, writing, and massage therapy. Today my artistic roots remain the underpinning of my work. I am committed to my teaching as well as Osteopathic treatment with a focus on the Craniosacral aspects.

Sebastian Guerrero Gonzalez PT, MPT, DOMPT

I am a physiotherapist in the Sports Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Rehabilitation. I use many types of treatment methods such as Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and needling. With the applying Osteopathy methods in my patients, I got best results in many orthopedic, neurological problems.

Dr. Mustafa Gülşen D.O.M.T.P., P.T.

Since his university years, manual therapies were of interest to him, in 2010 he finished a Master’s degree in Manual Therapy where he attained many tools to improve treatments with his patients. After some time, he felt that his treatments had a gap and that made into studying osteopathy.

Sebastián is looking to be able to take osteopathic treatments to public health services, since Osteopathy in South America only reaches patients from private health services.


Dr. Healy’s treatment philosophy involves combining evidence-based aspects of Eastern and Western Medicine to successfully treat patients with a holistic approach, focusing on their entire body as opposed to just treating an area where pain is being felt. He is known for combining biomechanics with the body’s natural ability to heal itself to correct malalignments. Once patients are stabilized, he then proceeds with appropriate therapeutic exercise that addresses core stabilization and proprioception.

Anthony Kaake D.O.M.T.P., R.M.T.

Tony's certifications in Anatomy Trains, Active Release Techniques, Frequency Specific Current, Low Level Laser therapy and Osteopathy come together to provide a commanding view on alternative therapy. His style of teaching is guided and draws from a wealth of knowledge and many years experience.


Vivek Kakkar is a PhD Scholar in Temporomandibular joint disorder, postgraduate in Physiotherapy & Osteopathy. He has various skills to his credit from wide range of therapies globally. He is a keen explorer of philosophies in healthcare and healing whose skill and service to humanity has seen more than two decades of clinical excellence. Always a student of science, and beyond.

Samuel Kan DOMP, MPT BSc

Samuel Kan is an accomplished physiotherapist who embraces a forward-thinking approach to the diagnosis and treatment of somatic dysfunctions.

With a keen interest in manual therapy, he played a key role in the rehabilitation for the former Singapore National Water Polo Team and has been pivotal in educating injury prevention to artistes from the various performing arts.

While maintaining a busy practice, he is committed to keeping himself updated with the latest development in research and hopes to offer patients more options over a wider spectrum of conditions.

V. Rev. Fr. Jeremiah Loch CRNA, D.O.M.T.P., PhD, DAAPM

Fr. Jeremiah Loch is a US CRNA (nurse anaesthetist) and an ordained Russian Orthodox priest with several years experience specializing in comprehensive pain management. He holds a PhD in Religion and Health Sciences and presently incorporates additional extensive training and experience in classical osteopathy, classical naturopathy, spirituality, and functional medicine for the management and relief of pain and suffering and the promotion of health and well-being.

Harina Lodhia DOMP RNCP DH BSC

Working in healthcare for nearly ten years, Harina combines three modalities, homeopathy, nutrition and osteopathy in her practice. She works with children, teens, adults and pro-athletes. Harina graduated from the University of Toronto while studying homeopathy at the British Institute of Homeopathy. She completed her degree in Holistic Nutrition at the Institute Holistic Nutrition and her diploma in Osteopathy from the Osteopathic College of Ontario. Harina works part time at the Robert McDonald Clinic and full time at The Holistic Health Clinic.

Joshua Margolis LAc, DOMTP

Joshua’s hybrid and highly dynamic approach draws on his experience as an acupuncturist and as an Osteopath. Joshua incorporates dry-needling, craniosacral manipulation, visceral manipulation, muscle energy technique, and other osteopathic manual techniques.

Paul McCrimmon D.O.M.T.P, R.M.T.

Paul's many certifications and diplomas in sports injury management, kinesiology, athletic therapy, massage therapy, and Osteopathy have combined to give his approach a comprehensive an effective treatment. He further applied his advanced myofascial training and structural integration to solve difficult cases.

Cristian Bustamante Merchan PT, DOMPT

After years of interest and training in different manual modalities, Cristian has developed an approach of treatment based on classical osteopathy and exercise prescription with the objective to get the best results possible.

Cristian is currently a clinical integration professor for the physical therapy department at the University of Viña del Mar, Chile where he also runs where he runs a successful osteopathic practice. His wishes are for everyone to have access to osteopathic treatment in South America.

John Metzler M.D.

Metzler is an accomplished Medical Doctor board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as Sports Medicine and Pain Management. He is also an Associate Professor at the Washington University School of Medicine. Metzler has melded his vast knowledge with the study of Osteopathy to bring modern medicine to new heights and provide state-of-the art- medical alternatives for his patients.

Sungil Moon K.M.D. Ph.D. Osteopath.

한의학박사, 국립중앙의료원 침구과장, 침구과 전문의, 전 국립중앙의료원 한방진료부장, 한방병원협회이사, 경원대학교 대학원 및 한의학과 강의, 세명대학교 한의학과 강의

K.M.D. Ph.D. Osteopath. Chief of Acupuncture in the National Medical Center. Former Chief of Oriental medical deparment in the National Medical Center. He taught Oriental medicine at Kyungwon University and Semyoung University. He made a study group of Osteopathy with fellow OMDs and he is in charge of the group.

Christopher O'Connor D.O.M.T.P, R.M.T.

A 16-year health care veteran, Chris O’Connor is a successful Osteopathic Practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist and a provider of Medical Acupuncture, as well as a consultant, educator, television host. Chris focuses on helping people to elevate their physical health and wellbeing, and create fulfilling, meaningful experiences across the entire spectrum of their lives.

Rodrigo Espinoza Olmedo: MPT, DC, DOMPT

Rodrigo Espinoza is a qualified Osteopath, Physical therapist and a Chiropractor. In the last 11+ years he has dedicated himself to the neurofunctional and neuromusculoskeletal aberrations in adults. In his clinical practice he combines evidence based and holistic treatments which allow him to approach his patients in a more comprehensive way.

Nahee Park PT, Osteopath

Physical Therapist로서 2000년부터 Dr .Steve Sanet ,D.O 로 부터 Osteopathy 를 배우기 시작했습니다. 2014년 현재까지 그분에게 가르침을 받고 있습니다. 동시에 2004 년부터 Osteopathy 를 서울 부산 대구 제주 강의를 시작했습니다. 현재 서울에서 강의를 하고 있습니다.
정골의학적 접근법으로 연세재활의학과 의원에서 일반환자-Somatic dysfunction, 정신질환 및 아이들 치료를 했으며, 2010년부터 신체적 정신적 발달장애 및 발달 지연, 자폐증 아이들 ,다운증후군, 주의력결핍 등 아이들 치료에 전념을 하고 있습니다.

She is a physical therapist. She has learned Osteopathy from Sanet since 2000 and started to teach students in Seoul, Busan, Daegu and Jeju since 2014. Now she teaches students in Seoul.

Also she treated people who have somatic dysfunction, mental diseases and ill children with Osteopathic approach. She has focused on treating children with development disability, autism, down syndrome and ADHD since 2010.

Shauna Park DOMP, RMT
I am Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (DOMP) and a Registered Massage Therapist and with training in Craniosacral, Myofascial, Muscle Energy, Ligamentous Articular Strain, Counterstrain, Still Technique, Lymphatic Activation and Drainage techniques and Visceral Manipulation therapies.

I have training in Jin Shin Do ® Bodymind Acupressure as well as MPS Auricular Therapy and MPS Advanced (Jaw-Shoulder-Knee-Spine) Circuits. Acupuncture represents a form of nerve stimulation and regulation, balancing the sympathetic/parasympathetic (autonomic nervous sys-tem) and its corresponding Yin/Yang (feminine/masculine) energetic balancing system.

I also have Yoga training which I use in remedial exercise programs in conjunction with treatments to reinforce stretch and strengthening (asanas), meditation (pratyahara) and breathing (pranayama) for health and wellness. I have extensive experience working with concussion and sports related injuries including athletes

K. Prabu Ram
M.P.T(ORTHO)., D.O.M.T.P., C.O.M.T., M.S.Y.N., P.G.D.H.S., P.G.D.E.T.

Prabhu Ram is an Osteopath, and a Specialist in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. His deep interest in holistic approach and Osteopathic manual medicine makes him equip with unique skills, to manage and treat, wide spectrum of conditions with at most success. His area of expertise include, Non –Surgical Approach for the treatment of Arthritis, Spondylosis, and many other musculoskeletal conditions. He also treats a wide spectrum of other conditions such as Migraine Headaches, IBS, and other Psychosomatic disorders using Osteopathic Manual Medicine.

Gregory Blake Robinson MPT

My treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal disorders is a multidimensional approach inspired by great teachers who maintain that the key to healing is a compassionate intention. In the words of Sanet, during a good treatment, “For the briefest of moments you become one with the patient.”

Sorabh Sharma

Sorabh Sharma is a research Scholar in Department of Physiotherapy, Punjabi University, Punjab (INDIA). He worked as an Academician, Researcher and Physiotherapist in esteemed Institutes. With the blend of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy skills, he is successfully and satisfactorily treating the patients. His integrated, evidence-based approach in clinical practice has worked as a boon to many patients by improving their quality of life and solution to their untreatable disorders.

Raffi ShememianM.D., O.M.D, L.Ac.

Shememian practices Family and Internal Medicine in Beirut Lebanon where he is sought out throughout the Middle East as one of the few practitioners trained and licensed in both western and eastern medicines.

Areas of expertise include detoxification of substances (e.g. Alcohol, tobacco, narcotics), appetite and weight control, muscular-skeletal conditions, migraines, psychosomatic symptoms including depression, anxiety, and stress. He is also skilled in using Low Laser Therapy for Stroke and Post Stroke Syndrome and Facial Spasms/Paralysis and Neuropathies.

His combined methods are used either individually or concurrently to treat many conditions and to enhance well-being. Shememian conducts a thorough western medical analysis, as well as eastern diagnosis to evaluate a patient's conditions and treatment plan. All the methods work holistically by encouraging the body to heal itself.

Shememian is involved in ongoing medical research in the field of Medical Qi Qong and currently is networking with TCM practitioners in the United States. His expertise in Oriental Medicine treating both acute and chronic cases of internal medicine conditions has been widely acclaimed in the medical and holistic communities around the world.

Mr. Tan Swee Sin BPT (Hons), DOMTP

He has been practicing since 2007, for the first 5 years he was practicing in Island Hospital and later years he founded his own practice (Avery Tan Physio & Rehab Centre) in 2013 in Butterworth. Mr. Tan’s practice specializes in musculoskeletal condition, pre & post-operative care, neurology rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, chest physiotherapy and so on. Mr. Tan is a member of Malaysia Physiotherapy Association and a registered Physiotherapist in Malaysia under Allied Health Professions Act.

I believe that healing starts from the intension of the therapist who connects with their client physically and emotionally during the treatment session. The way we touch, talk and think is essential to make a person better, together with regular practice to improve our skill day by day. Every technique we learned is in our precious toolbox to help our clients, no techniques are better from one to another, we just need to pick the right tools and right combination to produce better result for our clients.

Jasvinder Singh

Jasvinder Singh is a senior osteopath and an eager learner of different approaches to musculoskeletal manipulative therapy including kinesio taping, manual therapy, Mulligan and chiropractic physiotherapy manipulation techniques and applying these approaches in clinical practice. Singh focuses more in spinal dysfunction and is one of the coordinators of MNJ health.

Chang-min, Suh MD, DOMTP

Suh acts as a pain physician. He treated people who had musculoskeletal pain with only injection therapy. The Osteopathic manipulative approach lead him to a far more advanced level in patient healing. ‘The Unity of Body’ that of major principle of osteopathy becomes big meaning to him. The combination of medical and osteopathic method is great thing to him for healing people.

And thanks to Sanet, it becomes possible!!!

Dr. R. Prasanna Venkatesan MPT (Neuro), DOMTP, MSC (Osteopathy)

Dr. R. Prasanna Venkatesan is an Osteopath & Neuro Physiotherapist and founder & director of Pearl International Institute of Medical Sciences. He is a Specialist in Neurological and Musculoskeletal disorders.

He has had wonderful success in treating visceral and psychosomatic disorders using Osteopathic Manual Medicine as well as his work with children with special needs through osteopathic intervention creating a platform for pediatric Osteopathy. Furthermore, he has contributed to society by keeping people healthy and pain free through a non-invasive surgical approach within the field of Osteopathy.

Thomas J. Whattam D.O.M.T.P, R.M.T.

Thomas brings together his background of massage therapy and Osteopathy for very targeted approach to pain and dysfunction. He is specially skilled in rapidly assessing and treating which enables practitioners to build a competitive and busy practice with his no non-sense clinical skills.

Dr. Kamil Yazicioglu M.D., D.O.M.T.P

As a medical doctor with over 35 years of clinical practice I am specialized in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine. Currently, I am the Dean of Sports Sciences Faculty of Istanbul Topkapi University.

I believe that the body is one unit and as such has his or her own capacity for healing. Although I am a follower of modern medicine, I dislike polypharmacy. The noninvasive therapies such as Osteopathy, exercise and kinesiotaping I feel are an integral part of the healing and restorative process.

Yong-Hyun, Yoon MD, DOMTP

Yoon is an accomplished Medical Doctor board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery who has incorporated Osteopathy into a very busy Orthopaedic surgical practice. He has combined all of this knowledge with his prior background of Cyriax and Chiropractic manipulation and created a focus of natural and regenerative healing medicine.

Inae Youn K.M.D., Osteopath

Inae is a Korean Medicine Doctor who specialized in Acupuncture and Moxibustion. She works in the National Medical Center of Korea. When she first came across osteopathy, she was amazed knowing there are many similarities to oriental medicine in basic philosophy. Based on her medical knowledge including chuna manipulation, she actively using osteopathic manipulation to help patients in their recovery.

Galen Young D.O.

Young has nearly 50 years experience as an Osteopathic surgeon and an manipulation. His father as well, Galen Young Sr. in addition to being the AOA president from 1959-1960 had practiced Osteopathic Medicine for over 50 years. Galen's clinical experience and diversity of pathologies treated using Osteopathy is unparalleled.