Victor Geronimo
D.O.M.T.P, Dipl Ac, L.M.T.

My journey began as an artist exploring the worlds of music, writing, and massage therapy. Today my artistic roots remain the underpinning of my work. I am committed to my teaching as well as Osteopathic treatment with a focus on the Craniosacral aspects.

Victor studied Massage Therapy at the California Healing Arts College. After graduating in 1996, he gained his experience providing rehabilitation Massage, working alongside Chiropractors, Orthopedic specialists, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists and Sports Rehabilitation centers.

In 1999, Victor found himself exploring alternative healing approaches, which led him to taking up positions with a number of well known spas such as; Aqua, Kenneth George & Burke Williams, which catered to holistic and natural treatments.

With an eagerness to learn more Victor left America for Asia in 2001, to study Thai Massage in Bangkok (Wat Po Temple), and then came to Hong Kong where he continues to be committed to his work and education, achieving certification as an Active Isolated Stretching Craniosacral Therapy.


Diploma in clinical Acupuncture HK University (Dipl,Ac)

D.O.M.T.P, Osteopathic College of Ontario , Canada

Victor's unique ability and training allows insigh into his patients needs. His ongoing quest for information has heightened his skill level to where it is today

Victor is a talented musician, playing bass with several artists