Chang-min, Suh

Dr. Suh acts as a pain physician. He treated people who had musculoskeletal pain with only injection therapy. The Osteopathic manipulative approach lead him to a far more advanced level in patient healing. ‘The Unity of Body’ that of major principle of osteopathy becomes big meaning to him. The combination of medical and osteopathic method is great thing to him for healing people.

And thanks to Dr. Sanet, it becomes possible!!!


Graduate school of medicine Kyoungbuk national university, 1986.3-1993.2

Masters of medical science, Kyoungbuk national university, 1999.3-2001.2


Internship, Kyoungbuk national university hospital, 1996.3-1997.2

Residense in Anesthesia, Kyoungbuk national university hospital, 1997.3-2001.2

Director of Anesthesia, Segang hospital 2001.3-2002.2

Director of Anesthesia, koryu hospital, 2002.3-2008.2

Director of Anesthesia, Gumi kangdong hospital, 2008.3-2014.2

Vice president of hospital, Gumi kangdong hospital, 2012.3-2014.2

President of clinic, Samsung pain clinic, 2014.3-present


Craniosomatic therapy, Hencock craniosomatic institute

Master course of neural prolotherapy, By John Lyftogt

Visceral manipulaton 1 course, The Barrel institute

Visceral manipulation 2 course, The Barrel institute

Neural manipulation 1 course, The Barrel institute

Listening technique 1 course, The Barrel institute

Kinesiology of Lumbar and hip, By Donald A. Neumann

Kinesiology of Shoulder, By Donald A. Neumann

Introduction of thorax and pelvis ; ISM, By Diane Lee

Diagnostic MS ultrasound workshop, MSKUS

All Function neurology course, Carrick institute of Graduate Studies

Academy of clinical nutrtional medicine, Academy of clinical nutrtional medicine

Riordan Academy for Clinical nutrition, KAVITA

Basic course of manipultive medicine, KAMM

Pain symposium of cadevaric workshop, KSSFN

Cyriax orthopedic medicine course, KACOM

Kinesiology of Musculoskeletal system, KACOM

Malalignment syndrom with Dr. Shamberger KACOM

300 hours of AK course, ICAK in Korea

Certification of attendance, KAMST

Diploma of chiropractic sports medicine, Academy of Chiropractic Sports Medicine

Fascial manipulation and scoliosis, Rolfing Spine Posture Institute

Ultrasound workshop in Anesthesia practise, The Korean Society of Anesthesiologist

Prolotherapy seminar with Dr. Patterson, MSSONO


Medical doctor, Anesthesiologist

Member of The Korean pain society

Adjunct Professor of Kyoungbuk national university

Executive board member of ICAK(Applied Kinesiology) in Korea

Executive board member of KACOM(Korean association of Cyriax osteopathic medicine)