Philip S.L. Choy
D.O., B.Sc., D.N.M., N.D., C.P., Clin. Diet., Cert. TCM.

Dr. Choy has an extensive background of study including Osteopathy, Naturopathy and Nutrition. In addition to his appointment as faculty of the Osteopathic College of Ontario he is also an associate professor of Wah Ha College in Hong Kong. He presents with a unique set of skills to approach the most difficult of adult and pediatric cases.


President of Hong Kong Academy of Naturopathy
Associate Professor of Wah Ha College – Institute of Complementary, Alternative & Natural Medicine
Secretary of Hong Kong China Naturopathic Medical Society 
Professional Member of American Naturopathic Medical Association
Faculty – Osteopathic College of Ontario


Naturopathic Physician - American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (USA) 2008
Registered Senior Clinical Dietitian - National Health Industry (PRC) 2007
Registered Childcare Practitioner - MOLSS (PRC) 2009
Diploma of Osteopathy – Osteopathic College of Ontario 2015


Bachelor of Science (Hong Kong Baptist University) 1988
Certificate in Animal Technology (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 1988
Doctor of Natural Medicine (Asia College of Naturopathy) 2008
Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese University of Hong Kong) 2009
Diploma in Child Health & Education (Chinese University of Hong Kong) 2009
Certificate in Thai Traditional Massage Course (Thai Traditional Medical Services Society) 2009
Certificate in Fundamentals of Ayurveda (Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine - Bangalore) 2012
Certificate Course on Wilderness Medicine for HealthCare Professionals (The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong) 2012
Certificate Course on Obstetrics (The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong) 2012
Certificate Course on Clinical Sleep Medicine (The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong) 2012
Diploma of Osteopathy – Osteopathic College of Ontario, Markham, ON Canada


Teaching Assistant of University of Hong Kong (1990~1993)
Head of Medical Network Management - Quality HealthCare Medical Services Ltd (2000~2012)
Business Consultant of AXA Assistance (Asia Regional Office) (2013)
Advisor of Swiss Rejuvenation Centre of Malo Clinic Day Hospital (Macau) - stem cell therapy & rejuvenation program (2013)
Business Consultant of HK Molecular Pathology Diagnostic Centre Ltd (Present)
Medical Advisor of Health and Nutrigenomics Science Co., Ltd., HANS (ShenZhen, PRC) (Present)
Medical Consultant of BeWell Global Holding Ltd (Present)
Senior Consultant of HCF Limited – Healthcare Financing & Management Consultancy (Present)