Shauna Park, DOMP, RMT

I am Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (DOMP) and a Registered Massage Therapist and with training in Craniosacral, Myofascial, Muscle Energy, Ligamentous Articular Strain, Counterstrain, Still Technique, Lymphatic Activation and Drainage techniques and Visceral Manipulation therapies.

I have training in Jin Shin Do ® Bodymind Acupressure as well as MPS Auricular Therapy and MPS Advanced (Jaw-Shoulder-Knee-Spine) Circuits. Acupuncture represents a form of nerve stimulation and regulation, balancing the sympathetic/parasympathetic (autonomic nervous sys-tem) and its corresponding Yin/Yang (feminine/masculine) energetic balancing system.

I also have Yoga training which I use in remedial exercise programs in conjunction with treatments to reinforce stretch and strengthening (asanas), meditation (pratyahara) and breathing (pranayama) for health and wellness. I have extensive experience working with concussion and sports related injuries including athletes

14 Years experience in the Medical Profession as a Registered Massage Therapist, DOMP graduate of Osteopathic College of Ontario

• Energetic Body Osteopathy, Neurophysiological Role on the Glymphatic System - Shaun Centers 2020
• Total Body Balancing Kerry D’Ambrosio 2020
• Concussion Course - Sean Michael Latimour 2019
• Nerve Entrapment - Eric Dalton 2019
• Diplomate of Osteopathic Manual Practitioner - Osteopathic College of Ontario 2016-2019
• ART - Upper Extremity 2019
• Upledger Training - CST, CST II, Somatoemotional Release I/II, The Brain Speaks
• Visceral Manipulation - 1- V1 Jean Pierre Barral
• Master Certified NLP Coach 2010
• Registered Massage Therapist, Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy 1998-2000
• Psychology (2 years honours BA York University) Administrative studies 4.5 Credits to complete 1986-1991
• Human Resources Management, Organizational Behaviour
Training & Development

York Medical (Fit Physio, Spectrum, OA Physio & Sports Medicine and Affiliates) Spring 2013 - present,
Mixed Martial Art & Yoga Fitness Training Robinsons Karate (Kevin Kearns) Yoga Fit Training, Level 3 & Pranayama, Meditation & Mindfulness, Seniors